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FedEx saves the day

October 10, 2011



Reassurance at every turn.


Steve Jobs, 1955-2011

October 7, 2011

Steven Paul Jobs

I love that the (second) most widely mourned death in recent years was one of an actually accomplished human being. Not a useless celebrity or media personality, but a person who actually had a real, welcome, organic presence in our lives though the products that his company developed. Steve Jobs catapulted Apple into the personal computing marketplace and then transformed it into the most innovative technology company we have today – and it wasn’t luck. He had an intuition that is hard to come by and an understanding of a market that no amount of research can establish. I’m honored to be typing this on a Macbook Pro. Apple was lucky to have him, and so were we.


I’m a Power Pig

October 4, 2011

List of devices running on electricity in JUST my bedroom right now:

– small refridgerator
– air filter\purifier
– 3 x large bulb lights (CFL)
– 4 x small bulb lights
– one 100 bulb strand christmas lights
– macbook pro
– independantly powered speakers
– landine cordless telephone
– shelf-system stereo (standby)
– 32″ flat-panel non-LED TV
– cable box
– several chargers sipping juice

WOW. Time to go green.

“Hurricane” Irene

August 30, 2011

Yea yea yea there was a pretty bad storm, it was windy and some trees fell down. The most amazing thing I found about the entire hurricane event this weekend was how obviously and shamelessly some of our largest local corporations exploited it to make themselves look good.

Allstate: Shut up, Allstate. No I don’t need to file a claim so get your banners out of my face and stop giving me your stupid phone number on the radio every 3 commercials. I love the violin music they play in the background like I’m gonna shed a fricking tear for the humanity Allstate showed their customers during the storm. YEAOK.

Cablevision: Optimum business was bragging about how their “superior” network held strong for their “valued customers” during the storm – umm, my tv, internet and phone were out for 2 days. So what, fuck me? Half of your network can withstand wind, but the other half can’t. Congratulations, sign me up.

The unofficial insurance provider for Blue and White is Progressive Insurance. That Flo just really does it for me. đŸ™‚

Welcome Entry

August 27, 2011

Welcome to Blue and White.

This blog follows a lifestyle (mine, soon) that follows a rule of simplicity, luxury, efficiency and fun. Blue and White represents the idea of removing obstacles from living the life you love. I will introduce brands, processes, styles and principles that contribute to this lifestyle and hopefully can inspire you to take measures to live the way you want. It may even cause you to realize what that way is, exactly.

The only thing separating me from this lifestyle is money.

Warning: the idea that “money can’t buy happiness” will be frequently challenged. đŸ™‚

Welcome to Blue and White.